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Free Bird Combo Meal


An experience compared to flying in an F-16 with George Washington across the Grand Canyon… Top Gun soundtrack in the background.

Crispy chicken on a burger bun topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

ED's Famous Phillys


Originally created by Rocky Balboa’s trainer at a tailgate party under the Liberty Bell.

Grilled steak, red onions and bell peppers, topped with melted American cheese and served on a hoogie with roasted garlic aioli.

Ladies Night


A meal approved by both your spin class instructor and your friend that got arrested during spring break. Your choice of two Cobb salads.

1) Crispy or grilled lemon pepper chicken breast served with tomatoes, bacon bits, our house three-cheese blend, hard-boiled egg, red and green onions, cucumber and croutons.

2) Crispy or grilled buffalo chicken with tomatoes, bacon bits, Gorgonzola crumbles, hard-boiled egg, red and green onions, cucumbers and croutons.

3) Crispy or grilled sweet glazed chicken or steak served with tomatoes, bacon bits, cheese blend, hard-boiled egg, red and green onions, cucumbers, grilled pineapple, sesame seeds and croutons.

About Fast Eddie's

Who We Are

Upbeat bar & grill with TVs for sports matches, burgers, beer, foosball & Bloody Marys.

We’ve seen a lot of changes since opening our doors back in 1977 here in Spokane, Washington but one thing has always remained consistent; Fast Eddie’s continues our proud position as an iconic staple to the downtown bar and restaurant scene. Perfectly situated just a block away from the bustling Spokane Convention Center and the ever-expanding University District we have become a favorite spot for traveling professionals, college students, and locals out to enjoy our fantastic food and drink menus combined with our extremely high standards of service.